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Who We Are

Adopt NI is an independent registered charity established in 1989.  Our main priority is to support any adult impacted by the lifelong journey of adoption.  During 2008 we extended our services, to adults separated from their family of origin through foster or residential care. 


We are based in Belfast but work on a regional basis and offer a range of confidential support.  We also deal frequently with enquiries from people in Southern Ireland, mainland UK and from other countries like Australia and America; indeed anywhere where people have a link to Northern Ireland.

Our Vision

To change lives by empowering adults in adoption and care.

Our Purpose

To provide greater access to information and be the voice for all adults affected by adoption or care.

Our Mission

Be ambassadors for adults affected in any way by adoption or care by;

Changing perceptions

Being the recognised provider of services for adults in adoption and care

Influencing policy makers

Our Values

Accessible – enabling and empowering adults in adoption and care

Dedicated – to supporting adults on their emotional journey

Open – integrity and honesty for our clients

Personal – non-judgemental and unique to the needs of each individual

Transparent – clear communication with all of our stakeholders


Adopt NI is funded partially through contracts with the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety for Northern Ireland (DHSSPS NI) and the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board (HSCB), and partially through donations from Charitable Trusts and corporate organisations. We also carry out fundraising activities such as raffles and events.


Project Funding

The Regional Origins Tracing Service (ROTS) is funded by HSCB.

The Team


Ms Karen Scott Harrison – Chairperson

Ciara Scully – Regional Manager

Kathleen McClure Genealogist

Tim Robson – Treasurer

Allen Mercer – Board Member

Barbara Williams  – Board Member

Lesley Delaney – Board Member

Tony Kelly – Board Member