Regional Origins Tracing Service (ROTS)

ROTS has been operating successfully from 1 October 2003 and will continue to operate subject to funding. Adopt NI delivers ROTS as a tracing service for Family and Childcare Social Workers in the statutory and voluntary organisations in Northern Ireland. ROTS can only be used by social workers searching on behalf of adoptees, birth mothers and birth siblings and those who are looked after.  On average Adopt NI helps 180 people per year via this service.

Outside Agencies Tracing Service (OATS)

Adopt NI established this tracing service in April 2009, for those social workers and agencies who do not qualify to use ROTS, such as childcare social workers employed outside Northern Ireland. It operates in exactly the same way as ROTS although fees apply to cover our resources for this work, for which we currently do not receive funding.

Private Tracing Service (PTS)

We can offer a private tracing service to adoptees and adults who have been looked after (fees apply); however we encourage everyone to trace via a statutory agency.