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welcome to adopt ni

Adopt NI has been supporting adults linked to the adoption triangle since 1989.

"Adoption is a lifelong journey.  We reach out to adults whose lives have been impacted by adoption.  Adopt NI provides a range of support, facilitated by people with personal experience of adoption.  Individuals often find that meeting someone else from within the adoption triad makes such a difference to them, wherever they are in their journey”.

Karen Scott-Harrison, Chair of Adopt NI’s Board.




Who We Are

Adopt NI is an independent registered charity established in 1989.  Our main priority is to support any adult impacted by the lifelong journey of adoption.  During 2008 we extended our services, to include adults separated from their family of origin through foster or residential care.

We are based in Belfast but work on a regional basis and offer a range of confidential support. We also deal frequently with enquiries from people in Southern Ireland, mainland UK and from other countries like Australia and America; indeed anywhere where people have a link to Northern Ireland.

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years serving the post adoption community

We were originally established in 1989 in response to legislation entitling adopted adults access to their original birth certificate.  In addition to our original supportive function, we have since expanded to offer tracing, intermediary and counselling services.




people benefit indirectly each year, via our Regional Origins Tracing Services (ROTS)

We are contracted to deliver this tracing service for social workers in the five statutory and two voluntary adoption agencies in Northern Ireland, who assist adults in tracing their family of origin.




people directly supported each year via our support services

These initial enquiries often translate to support service users, intermediary work or private tracing.  These range from short to long term support and benefit many others indirectly through our intermediary function.




To change lives by empowering adults in adoption and care.


Be ambassadors for adults affected in any way by adoption or care by;

  • Changing perceptions
  • Being the recognised provider of services for adults in adoption and care
  • Influencing policy makers


To provide greater access to information and be the voice for all adults affected by adoption or care.


  • Accessible – enabling and empowering adults in adoption and care
  • Dedicated – to supporting adults on their emotional journey
  • Open – integrity and honesty for our clients
  • Personal – non-judgemental and unique to the needs of each individual
  • Transparent – clear communication with all of our stakeholders


"A social worker with the Northern Trust recommended that I get in touch with Adopt NI to help find my birth parents.
From the beginning they were very professional and found out lots of information that helped me in my search.  Their researchers have access to information that we don’t or don’t have the time to find..."

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Get Involved



Adopt NI want to hear from adults in Northern Ireland with a personal or professional link to adoption or long term care.


Do you love fundraising?
Do you enjoy a challenge?
Could you offer peer support to someone else in the adoption triangle? If so get in touch. We'd love to hear to from you!


Whilst we are funded to deliver ROTS for social workers in NI, our essential support services are currently not funded and any donations big or small will assist us in continuing to provide support on a regional level and reach more adults who wish to avail of it.