Below is feedback from some of our clients. Fictitious names are used with real life cases.


“A social worker with the Northern Trust recommended that I get in touch with Adopt NI to help find my birth parents.
From the beginning they were very professional and found out lots of information that helped me in my search.  Their researchers have access to information that we don’t or don’t have the time to find.
When we finally thought we had found my birth Mother, the support from Adopt NI was amazing.  Adopt NI wrote her a letter to be sure it was her.  Then she called Adopt NI and the ball started rolling!!  Adopt’s intermediary got me to write a letter with some information about me now and also some photos.   As I don’t live in the same country as my birth Mum, the intermediary met her first and offered her support too.  They were in constant contact with me after her meeting, relating the information she had found out and also organising our reunion.
I met with Adopt NI for a chat before I met my birth Mum and the intermediary was very kind, a good listener, gave me advice and was very open with me.
Adopt NI organised our reunion and even organised treats for the kids as I had brought them along to the reunion too.  The intermediary was very discreet at the reunion and let us have time on our own together.
After the reunion I kept in touch with Adopt NI and they also kept in touch with my birth Mum.  If ever I had any other questions or needed any support they were always available on the end of the phone.
I would highly recommend the services of Adopt NI to anyone looking for birth parents.   The staff are very professional and competent and also very kind”.



Mary recently contacted Adopt NI for support, at what she finds a very difficult time of year. She had reached out to trace her daughter ten years ago but made little progress.  Adopt NI have signposted her to the relevant agency and met with her for one to one support.  Mary stated “It has been wonderful to meet with someone who really understands.  It has been so good to talk and I feel like some of the weight has been lifted.  You don’t know the difference this has made”.  Adopt NI are continuing to provide one to one support for Mary and she is keen on accessing the support group, although has some distance to travel.



Rob, who was born in the early 1960’s, discovered a half sibling through a trace for his birth mother. Rob accessed Adopt NI’s counselling service, leading him on to trace birth family and says that he found comfort knowing Adopt NI were able to pass a message onto his birth mother.  Rob added “The discovery that I had an older adopted sibling has been a pure joy.  He too was traced and over the last few years we have got to know each other and are developing a close and warm relationship”.



“Given a gap of 75 years this result made a huge difference to our family”. (Individual who found answers following a lengthy search for birth mother)  “They went out of their way for us”.



“I always meant to thank you for doing a search a few months back for me.
The lady in question travelled to England and met her birth mother and other family members.
It has been a positive experience even though the birth mother is around 90!
Thanks again”.